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TCIS Parent's Association

June Update:


Dear TCIS Parents,

Should you need TCIS Parent Association (TCISPA) to coordinate, assist or support you with any issue regarding your children at school, please send an email to TCISPA@tcis.ac.th.

TCISPA will address your request ASAP.

Once the School Administration and TCISPA reach a solution, the school will send an SMS to all TCIS parents and post the message at www.tcis.ac.th/tcis-parents-association   

Thank you and best regards for a wonderful school year,


(TCIS  Parents Association)

August 26, 2014

To:    TCIS Parents and Friends

From:   Mr. Vopraphot, PA Interim Chair

             Dr. Steve, HOS


Re:         TCIS Parents Association invitation!

Dr. Steven and the Board are partnering with the PA and providing many new opportunities  to be involved with school operations.

This year we will host several projects and invite you to be involved. The big items include:

1.       Policy Manual and Administrative Procedures Manual review:   Between today and January 2015, Dr. Steve, Mr. John and Ms Carol will coordinate the creation of both documents.

Parents will be invited each week to review proposed sections and make any recommendations for modifications.

Need:  Ten Parents to review the documents each week and make suggestions for modifications.

2.       WASC committee review:  The WASC committee will begin reviewing our “action plan to address WASC areas of needs improvement. PA representatives are invited to participate on each committee.

Need: Two parents (8 total) to serve on each committee and attend 10 sessions this school year.  Meetings are 3:15 to 4:00 on Mondays.

3.       PA legal authorization:  Will work with the TCIS school attorney to meet all of the legal requirements of the Thailand Ministry of Education.

Need:  Need three parents to work with the school attorney to complete required documentation.

4.       Cultural and Activity events:  To continue to support our children by hosting events at TCIS during the year.

Need:  TBA.  To be announced as needed


We want to invite all parents interested to participate to make “TCIS the Best International School in Asia”!


IF interested, please send an email to Mr. Voraphot and cite the area you would like to support.


Email address:    tcispa@tcis.ac.th




Mr. Voraphot

Dr. Steve