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Thai Department

The Thai department ensures the Thai festivals such as Songkran, Loy kra-thong, Wai Kru etc. are well prepared and provides a strong Thai curriculum for International students. Our Thai curriculum combines Thai literature, Thai culture, Thai History and Thai morals. This will result in an improved personality, educational attainment and social behavior for our beloved students. In addition, our department has been accredited by The office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment and Ministry of Education of Thailand.

Thai is an essential part of language learning at TCIS.

We offer two programs: one for mother tongue students (Thai Nationals) and one for foreign tongue students. The goals of the Thai language program are:

  • To develop students’ Thai language ability as a powerful tool for communication.
  • To enrich students’ lives by helping them to better understand Thai culture and the world around them.
  • To lead students to an appreciation of the beauty, richness and value of Thai language and culture.
  • To educate students in such a way that they enjoy the learning process.

The program is based upon the guidelines of the Thai Ministry of Education Curriculum for elementary school, middle school and high school. Thai students must learn Thai language and culture at least 5 periods per week (1 period = 50 minutes, Ministry of Education policy).

Non-native Thai speaking students must study Thai culture and Thai “survival” language for one period/week (1 period = 50 minutes, Ministry of Education policy). For foreign tongue classes (students who are non-native Thai speakers) the lessons focus on communicating in basic Thai and learning about Thai culture and tradition in order to live effectively in Thai society.