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Thai-Chinese International School (TCIS) offers a PreK-12 curriculum that draws from the United States for the core Western curriculum. Since TCIS is a tri-lingual school, all students must take a minimum of one class per day of Mandarin and Thai languages. Intensive Mandarin language courses with an emphasis in Chinese history and culture are taught daily.

English is the medium of instruction in all courses other than Thai and Mandarin. TCIS offers 11 Advanced Placement Courses and has Music/Arts/Sports departments that offer diverse courses for all students.

Learning Results (ESLRs)

ESLRs are taught at all levels and in all areas of TCIS. The Expected Schoolwide Learning Results are a statement of what graduates of TCIS will be. These skills are taught in all grade levels in a variety of ways. The 5 ESLRs are:

-Responsible Global participants
-Effective Communicators
-Collaborative Workers
-Independent Life
-Long Learners
-Complex Thinkers