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Notes from Dr. Steve

09 June 2017

To:    All TCIS Parents,

First, thank you for your support and guidance during my 5 years at TCIS.

Placing your children at TCIS is a trust that I have valued!


Second, enjoy a wonderful and well deserved summer break!   

As I complete my service to TCIS, please accept my sincere thank you for sharing this opportunity together.

The improvements for TCIS since 2012 have been dramatic and documented with reviews by WASC, SEARCH and student academic achievements.

I hope you take pride with the improvements made at TCIS in the past 5 years!

Our partnership has guided the improved teaching and learning environment offered your children!


To highlight achievements:

1.       Successful WASC visit in 2016 to remove probation and earn “full WASC membership until 2020”

2.       Successful WASC visit in 2017 and continuation with full WASC membership.

3.       Coordination with SEARCH Associates to have TCIS reinstated as a SEARCH affiliate

4.       Transformation of the middle school (MS) to provide academic challenges for all student equal to international standards

5.       Created  the Language Academy, necessary to increase rigor in academic classrooms while supporting students with ELL needs

6.       Elimination of social promotion in the lower school (LS) and middle school (MS)

7.       Providing differentiated academic classes in all core subjects to promote accountability, high expectations and reward achievement

8.       Changed daily bell schedules to enable the LS, MS and HS to coordinate teaching assignments and courses to serve student needs

9.       Extended the 1 to 1 laptop program to serve students in the MS, making the world our TCIS classroom.

10.   Reorganization of special programs, such as ASEP and Summer School, to provide accountability and more options

11.   Coordination of the 20th anniversary celebration


To highlight achievements commended by WASC in 2016 and/or 2017:


12.   Implemented the TCIS policy manual and involved stakeholders

13.   Coordinated the  “TCIS Strategic Plan” to provide more accountability with goal setting

14.   Implemented a strategic planning cycle that involves stakeholders in evaluation of the administration and board on reaching objectives

15.   Involved stakeholders in assessing the completion of objectives in the strategic plan and establishing new objectives

16.   Improved  transparency and communication by posting all objectives and documents on the website for public review.

17.   Created a “positive TCIS culture” that is appreciated by stakeholders. Each day starts with a morning greeting to welcome all members of our school family

18.   Assisted the parent partnership to earn official Parent Association recognition for the first time.

19.   Coordinated salary and benefit improvements with the Board and Faculty Association in 2015


I am proud of our achievements at TCIS, earned with a strong team effort! You are super!

As I depart for Taichung, Taiwan, please contact me if I can ever assist you with any career decisions or recommendations!


Dr John and I will be coordinating some “summer and break camps” for TCIS and WAGOR Taiwan) students.


If you need to contact me in the future:

Email:  stevenballowe@wagor.tc.edu.tw

Phone:  886-43216-4790


I look forward to continuing to support TCIS, Dr John, the leadership team, faculty, staff and students in the future!



Dr. Steven E. Ballowe

11 May 2017

To: TCIS School Community

From: Dr. Steve and Dr. John

Re: School improvements

First, as we complete this school year, we want to thank you for being part of our school family!

"You" make "TCIS the Best International School in Thailand", when we compare academics and tuition!

While this school year has been very successful, with great achievements by students, we are always looking to get better.

Over the next few weeks you will receive several survey requests seeking your input.

On behalf of Mr. Suhat, Mr. WeiPien and our board, we really value your input.

Thank you, in advance for your cooperation!

Surveys coming:

1. Review to change the name

2. Evaluation of HOS and Board with the strategic plan

3. LS/ MS/ HS improvement plans

Again, thank you for all that you do to make TCIS a special place for "teaching and learning"!

Offcial Letter to TCIS Community

22 March 2017

To: TCIS stakeholders

I am proud to report that TCIS has benefitted from a very successful WASC review of the improvements at TCIS from 2014 to 2017.

The WASC mid-cycle review was completed March 14 and we have a positive report!

We have earned our full accreditation until 2020!

The commendations are numerous as the team expressed great satisfaction at seeing the improvements to address the 2014 probation report.

I want to thank our Board, parents, students, teachers, administration and staff for the hard work during the last 3 years.

You are super!

Dr John and the admin team are already addressing the few new recommendations identified by WASC. 

With strong leadership, the future for TCIS is quite positive!


Dr. Steve

Official Letter from Dr. Steve

TCIS WASC Mid Cycle Visiting Committee Report