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Notes from Dr. Steve

01 August 2014

To: TCIS parents

Cc: Parent Association

Wow, we ready for an exciting year.

Have you ever wondered “what site (s) is my child using each day”?
Well, our wonderful technology team is ready to teach parents how to monitor and control the use of 

Please check out this link, as Mr. Wes and Mr. Brent are offering many “technology sessions for parents”!


Our first workshop for parents will be:

Date: August 19

Time: 2:15 - 3:15

Place: TBA

Workshop will focus on:
-how to check grades
-How to find out what sites your child is visiting
-How to block access of harmful material that students can find on the internet.
-How to limit the use and abuse of Macbooks

Place: TBA.

The TCIS administration and faculty are excited to offer this valuable service to our TCIS 

Dr. Steven E. Ballowe

24 July 2014

To: Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff

Welcome back for the 2014-2015 school year!

During this school year we will celebrate the 20th year anniversary for TCIS, as well as many wonderful 
achievements to be earned by our faculty and students.

Our success is dependent on a strong partnership between the Board, parents, faculty and staff and 
students. When all partner to seek excellence, without accepting excuses, then great achievements will 

The TCIS Foundation Board deserves much applause for the creation and growth of TCIS!

What a wonderful school for teaching and learning.

“TCIS is among the BEST international schools in Thailand”!

When you consider student achievement, academic course offerings, and the value for tuition, TCIS may 
be the BEST bargain in Thailand.

Yet, our measure for success should not be limited to Bangkok , or even Thailand. Our goal is to be 
among the best schools in Asia and the world.
Already, TCIS offers the same academic courses found in the top schools around the world.

Consider our strengths:
----Three languages of instruction: English, Chinese and Thai
----High school Advanced Placement program with worldwide acceptance
----Middle school academic acceleration equal to top schools worldwide
----Lower school differentiation for instruction 
----Language Academy for students requiring immersion for English language acquisition
----Technology utilization and recognition as a “Google” school

TCIS is among the best schools worldwide!.....and the Board, faculty and staff are working to get better.Now for a campus update:

There will be one daily schedule change as a result of parent and faculty input.

There will be separate lunch periods for LS, MS and HS.

No longer will MS and LS students share the campus during the lunch break!

No longer will HS classes be disrupted in the middle of the 3rd block.

When our doors open August 6, 2014, to begin the school year, TCIS will be ready to challenge each 
student to meet their individual needs.

I encourage each of you to visit our campus often, making TCIS your second home.

You will be amazed at the quality of teaching and learning happening each day!

I look forward to greeting you each morning as you arrive!


Dr. Steven E. Ballowe
Head of School