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Notes from Dr. Steve

01 August 2016

To:          All parents and students

Re:         Campus hours: safety and security

TCIS is committed to providing the most effective safety and security possible. To support we ask parents to monitor the arrival and departure times with their children.

Per our discussions last year, we will maintain campus hours as follows.

1.       6:50:   Morning arrival:   the campus will “open” at 6:50 am.

---Students arriving before that time will be allowed to:

      a.        sit in the canteen or

      b.       along the canteen walkway.

2.       16:00:   Afternoon departure:  the campus will “close” at 16:00:  Exception:  student involved in an activity with a team sport,  ASEP or school activity

---Students waiting for pickup will be allowed to:

      a.        sit in the canteen or

      b.       along the walkway until 17:15.

-17:15: After 17:`15 students will be allowed to

a.        wait in the parking waiting area or

b.      along the canteen walkway

NOTE:  Once a student arrives at TCIS, they are NOT allowed to leave the campus and return, unless with a parent and following signing out procedures.

These actions are all to provide better safety and security for our students and prevent (or limit) accidents.

Please discuss with your principal or Dr. Steve or Dr. Andrew if you have any questions.

29 July 2016

To: TCIS parents and students

From: Dr.Steve Ballowe

Re: New School Year

We are ready for a wonderful opening of the school year. A daily pleasant treat for me is to stand at the

security entrance and welcome each member of our school family each morning.

This school year promises to be the best in the history of TCIS. With a strong home and school

partnership, each students dreams can become a reality!

There are three important items to share:

1. Aug 4th, 1st day of school.

2. Back to school event.

Date: Tuesday, August 11

Time: Beginning at 3.30 pm

Parents will be able to visit classrooms to meet teachers and learn about the expectations for each class, to

include grading and homework policies.

3. Leadership team and communication channels

The attachment identifies our leaders at TCIS and some recommendations when question arise. Please

never hesitate to ask if you have a question.

We certainly want the facts to be shared accurately to any questions.

Truly, TCIS is “The Best International School un Thailand”, when you compare academic and tuition.

I look forward to seeing you our campus often.

Our objective is to be “the best school” period !


Dr. Steven E. Ballowe

Head of school

Please click here to View Leadership Team 2016

26 July 2016

To: Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff
Welcome back for the 2016-2017 school year!

TCIS has enjoyed wonderful successes with our students during 21 years of service to families, but the best is yet to come. Our success is dependent on a strong partnership between the Board, parents, faculty and staff and students. When all partner to seek excellence, without accepting excuses, then great achievements will occur.
The TCIS Foundation Board deserves much applause for the creation and growth of TCIS! What a wonderful school for teaching and learning. “TCIS is among the BEST international schools in Thailand”! When you consider student achievement, academic course offerings, and the value for tuition, TCIS may be the BEST bargain in Thailand.

Yet, our measure for success should not be limited to Bangkok , or even Thailand. Our goal is to be 
among the best schools in Asia and the world.
Already, TCIS offers the same academic courses found in the top schools around the world.

Consider our strengths:
----Three languages of instruction: English, Chinese and Thai
----High school Advanced Placement program with worldwide acceptance
----Middle school academic acceleration equal to top schools worldwide
----Lower school differentiation for instruction 

----Language Academy for students requiring immersion for English language acquisition
----Technology utilization and recognition as a “Google” school

Additional indicators of success:

1.      WASC accreditation approved until 2020

2.      SEARCH Associates renewed partnership

But, the best indicators are with the success of students:

3.      100% of graduates accepted at universities around the world

4.      HS students score above international levels on the ACT test

5.      Over 60% of all MS students score in the top 10% of the world on MAP tests

6.      LS and MS students continue to have accelerated and differentiated academic programs.

Note:  Students Support Services individually guides students

7.      HS graduation standards are increased from 23 credits to 27 credits due to acceleration at the MS

8.      HS students GPA continues to increase

9.       93.9% success completing objectives on our strategic plan

Note:  Mr. John and I have been asked to present our strategic plan process during the EARCOS 2016 conference

Truly, “TCIS is the Best International School in Thailand”, when you compare academics and tuition!
TCIS is among the best schools worldwide!..and the Board, faculty and staff are working to get better..

Now for a campus update:

a. There will be separate lunch periods for LS and MS (grades k to 6) and HS and MS (grades 7 to 12)

Reason:  As so many MS students are taking HS courses, this accommodates the needs of teaching and learning!
b. When our doors open August 4, 2016, to begin the school year, TCIS will be ready to challenge each 
student to meet their individual needs.

Reason: New teachers average 16 years of experience.

I encourage each of you to visit our campus often, making TCIS your second home.

You will be amazed at the quality of teaching and learning happening each day!

Mr. John and I look forward to greeting you each morning as you arrive!

(and Ms.Hannah and Mr. Conrad will enjoy your smiles in the afternoon after another great day at TCIS)

Dr. Steven E. Ballowe
Head of School

Official Welcome back letter from Dr. Steve