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Notes from Dr. Steve

03 March 2016

To: All TCIS parents

From: Administration

Re: a. TCIS Online Academy

       b. Parent email addresses

The TCIS Online Academy is operational and ready to support “teaching and learning” whenever an emergency exists. 

Examples: if school is closed due to flooding or pollution from a burning fire.

While the TCIS campus may close, the TCIS academic program will be open!


Parents are encouraged to review expectations with their child and the classroom teacher. 

On March 24, during our Parent – Teacher Conference day:

1.        A summary will be given all parents (and shared by line on March 24)

2.       Teachers will be able to illustrate during conferences and answer parent questions

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR Parents:   This year the administration is sending out “detailed updates on each Friday”.

Problem:  many email addresses of parents have been changed or are not correct. 

IF you are not receiving weekly reports from TCIS:  Please share a correct email address with a PA representative , any teacher or administrator or the Registrar.

We will update our records and make sure you receive TCIS information.


Dr. Steve

07 January 2016

To: TCIS school community

Re: 2016 opportunities with TCIS excellence

From : Dr.Steven E. Ballowe

The last 20 years at TCIS prepared us to be “The Best International School in Thailand”, when you

compare academics and tuition.

But the best is coming to TCIS for teaching and learning excellence in the next 20 years.

As we begin the second semester in 2016, I wish to share some key updates:

1. Academic Excellence and the SAT test

For the first time, TCIS is hosting a practice SAT test session for all high school students and many

middle school students.

As our academic programs have improved to meet international standards, TCIS is now able to let some

MS students experience the test,

as recommended by universities such as Duke University and John Hopkins University The testing will

occur on Monday, January 11.

TCIS is also partnering with Kaplan , the official partner with the Princeton / SAT company and will

hold prep sessions on our campus.

For details, please see the Student Services Counselors.

2. Strong Body and Mind:

To maximize academic performance, a strong body is vital. The PE team at TCIS will begin testing using

the President’s fitness standards for ages 6 to 17.

The PE classes will conduct pre tests in February 2016 and the post tests in May 2016.

However, the “home” must play a significant role with our students health!

Principals and our coaches will be sharing tips on exercise and a healthy diet that will improve academic

performance in weekly updates.

As always, as time is limited at school, the role of the parent and home is critical with our partnership and

the success of each student.

The standards are attached below. Maybe you can start practicing at home!

3. Campus planning for the future:

The school board has approved the review of campus improvements to support TCIS for the next 20


Bids are being sought to estimate the costs for five (5) major campus projects.

Once estimates known, the projects will become part of our next 5 and 10 year plans for improvements.

a. Canteen: to add air conditioning and perhaps a loft or 2nd floor area . Will also review the serving


b. LS gym: to renovate to become a musical performing hall.

c. Parking garage gymnasium: to improve the gym and surrounding areas to include air

conditioning and a walkway to building 4. The walkway will provide a major safety improvement to

eliminate student movement through the garage area.

d. Building 4 floor 4: To review the use of rooms and ways to improve for the needs of the music and

art classes.

e. Sun “cover” across the big field. Not a solid screen to keep out rain, rather a light screen to block

some sun and make the field cooler.

I would like to chat with you and the contractors when you get estimates

4. Strategic Planning and Administration and Board evaluation

A reminder that our strategic plan is on our website and public for viewing. The plan identifies the

objectives, responsibility and due dates for completion.

As part of the plan cycle, parents, students and faculty will be asked in May 2016 to evaluate our

effectiveness in meeting objectives.

At the same time, parents, students and faculty will assist the creation of the objectives for the 2016-2017

school year.

As always, you are welcome to come visit our campus and experience the wonderful teaching and

learning environment that is happening each day.

Thank you for making TCIS part of your family!


Dr. Steve E. Ballowe

Click here to view Official Letter

09 November 2015

To: TCIS school family 

From: Dr. Steven E. Ballowe, 

Head of School 

Re: Being “thankful at TCIS” 

First, as we approach the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, on behalf of the Mr. Suhat, our school board and administration, let me thank you for being part of our school family. 

The joy of celebrations with Thanksgiving, our King’s birthday and Christmas provide the perfect time to give thanks for our many blessings in life. 

Our focus at TCIS is to always provide the best “teaching and learning environment” possible. We are thankful for each member of our school family and dedicated to assisting each student to achieving individual goals. Our ultimate task is to “prepare each student to graduate and be ready to participate and provide leadership in our rapidly shrinking global community”! 

We are so confident in the qualities of our students and teachers, that the TCIS faculty and staff have initiated the 1st Guarantee for Academic Achievement” in Asia

This quality of work is why TCIS is the Best International School in Thailand, when you compare academics and tuition! 

The following is a brief description of the guarantee as provided by our principals 

Bening "thankful at TCIS"