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Notes from Dr. Steve

05 August 2015

To:  Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff,

TCIS is ready for an exciting opening week of school!

TCIS is ready to take our place as “the Best International School in Thailand”!

When you consider the academic course offerings and value for the tuition, “TCIS may be the best international school in Asia”!


 Please review the attachments: 

1.            Tuition Comparison for International Schools

2.       TCIS “Passport for Success

3.      Pre K-to grade 8 standards at a glance


The Board of TCIS is very proud of our focus on serving as a college preparatory program.  At TCIS we offer the academic programs and acceleration that can meet the expectations of universities in all countries. Daily instruction in grades PreK-12 classrooms, exist to guarantee that each student is prepared to meet the challenges of the Advanced Placement (AP) programs at our high school, while meeting or exceeding standards from top schools from around the world.

Parents as Partners:

Parents as the primary teachers in each child’s life must partner and provide crucial support.

Parents are encouraged to confer with classroom teachers and, using our online access, to review academic performance each week.

Mark on your calendars, August 11 and plan to attend our “Back to School Night”. Teachers will be prepared to discuss course objectives, including homework expectations.

Parents are encouraged to host dinner discussions about their child’s homework preparation and test results. Our online access provides up to the minute results for each student!

As always, parents are encouraged to visit our campus and understand the quality of the teaching and learning that happens each day!

With a strong school and parent partnership to support each student, we can guarantee a quality TCIS school year.



Dr. Steven E. Ballowe

Head of School

08 June 2015

June 8, 2015

To: TCIS parents

From: Dr. Steven E. Ballowe

Re: Summer holiday: Family goal setting chats

First, on behalf of Mr. Suhat and our school board, please accept our thank you for sharing this wonderful school year.

From all accounts, as TCIS celebrated 20 years of service to students, this has been the best year in our school history.


When you compare academics and tuition, “TCIS is the Best International School in Thailand”.


The summer break provides a time for family reflection on goals achieved to date. 


We encourage every family to sit down and discuss the achievements of this past year and set some goals for the 2015-2016 school year.

Perhaps a dinner conversation of goals can include discussing the work ethic required to succeed.

Parents can establish ways for the family to assist with future goals.


We look forward to welcoming you back in August 2015, knowing that the “best year of TCIS will be just beginning. 

The TCIS mission to provide “an American curriculum in three languages: English, Chinese and Thai” is a reality.

TCIS takes pride that our college preparatory program offers students academic studies equal to top international schools around the globe. 

A TCIS student has the opportunity to achieve academic success equal to the top 2% of students in the world, with hard work.


When the student, parents and school partner, with high expectations for each student, then the future is indeed bright for each student.


We wish for great health and happiness for your family and friends during this summer break!


While you relax, know that the administration and faculty are already working for our best year ever at TCIS!


See you in August!


Dr. Steven E. Ballowe. 


Please see the attached PDF. 


26 May 2015


May 26, 2015

To: Grade 4 parents

Subject: Orientation to MS Congratulation with the pending grade 4 graduation.

We are all proud of the successes of each student. Prior to the graduation ceremony, I would like to invite you to an “orientation session” to discuss middle school choices and opportunities for each student. Time: 8:30 am Place: 6th floor in MS conference room Attached is our “passport for success” that has been implemented at TCIS beginning in August 2013. It identifies the course options that students and parent have at the Middle School and the standards that are expected of students around the world. Truly, “TCIS is the Best International School in Thailand” when you compare academics and our tuition!

The agenda will include:

a. Introduction to student services and “earned course acceleration”

b. Review of the passport with class choices

c. Quick look at the “Standards” and goal for the middle school years

d. Faculty review of the MS laptop program

Monday, May 25, Mr. John and I met with the grade 5 teachers in English, math, science, social studies, Chinese and Thai. Every teacher expressed that the “1 to 1 program, implemented in grades 5 to 8 this year, has greatly improved teaching and learning.”

The teachers expressed that “Academic use and monitoring is effective with our students”. Teachers wish to see greater parental involvement in limiting game playing at home.

Again, in response to our many conferences this year with the PA and groups of parents, Mr. Wes has created a website: www.tinyurl.com/tcistech This site provides responses to frequently asked questions.

Of course, a student’s success is dependent upon the interests and work ethic of each student. I welcome the opportunity to partner with our parents to provide the best “teaching and learning environment” for each student.


Dr. Steven E. Ballowe