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Visual Arts

Lower School Visual Arts students are developing beginning foundation skills in the visual arts. The students are given ample opportunity to experiment with many different mediums including paper, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. They begin to study the Elements (lines, colors, shapes, form, texture) & Principles of Design (balance, rhythm, pattern, unity, emphasis, contrast). In addition to the lesson, students study the famous masters in the Arts from around the world. We encourage critical thinking skills through self-reflection, problem-solving, critique, analysis, self/ peer evaluation. In Lower School Art, students are developing beginning skills in the creation process and are encouraged to use their creative thinking skills in the art room.

4th Grade Rain forest Drawing


Middle School Visual Arts 

This course will allow each student to experience art from different times and places. Students will use the work of historical and contemporary artists as an inspiration and beginning point to creating their own art. The course will give students time to experiment with a variety of media, technology and build artistic skills. Students will explore the possibilities of creation with clay, paint, printmaking, oil pastel and colored pencil.

For the advance level in G.7-8,this course will allow students to step into the exciting world and role of designer. Students will experiment and build skills with a variety of media and artistic tools. Art Upgraded will provide an opportunity to create art with a design focus; such as photograph and manipulate the photos by using Adobe Photoshop, architecture ,interior design and sculpture. The possibilities for creation are endless.

"Under the Sea" watercolor painting by Stamp G.6

The High School Visual Arts Program has several main goals. Students will develop an understanding of design concepts, learn the language of design, gain a comprehensive knowledge of Art History, understand the significance and influence art plays within a culture as well as expand each students level of creativity. Students will be given opportunities to create art works of their own, offering their own interpretations and narratives in a visual manner through a wide variety materials. Lastly, students will also be able to look at artwork and “make sense” of the artist’s visual language and be able to write or discuss their observations in a mature coherent manner.

Perspective based self-portrait by Ratthamnoon Prakitpong

Students will be able to:

  • Apply a variety of two and three dimensional art work with appropriately chosen media. 
  • Apply the design elements and principles to visually communicate individual feelings, moods and ideas.
  • Show sensitivity to their environment by creating an artistic statement expressing personal viewpoints.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of aesthetic values, by critiquing art.
  • Understand how art varies within and from a particular historical period or style.
  • Understand how artworks are tempered by culture and history.

Please visit  http://www.elizabethjendek-visualarts.com/ to view additional student artwork.