You're Invited - See TCIS Students Perform "Fragments" on Friday

You are invited to the performance “Fragments” this Friday, May 25th evening at 6PM in the 360 Auditorium.

The performance is a special union of the Drama recital and String orchestra. After 25 weeks of intensive training with Mr. Maurizio Mistretta, the ASEP Drama class will perform in collaboration with TCIS String Orchestra conducted by Mrs. Li-Chou Chen.

The actors are Myra, Ruby (Gr.9), Berry, Yoyo, Alan, Elijah, James, Osbert, Somwang and Tony (Gr. 11).

The musicians are Am, Chanel, ChoChing, Cindy, Henry, Kati, Kris, Kurt, Michelle, Pam, Som, WernWern (Gr. 9), Cherry, Heart, Maggie, May (Gr. 10), Andy, David, Max (Gr. 11), Earn and Mook (Gr. 12).

The performance is suitable for all ages. We look forward to seeing you on Friday.