Chinese Department

TCIS students receive more Chinese language and cultural instruction than students at other schools in Bangkok. Our Chinese program includes elementary school through high school classes for both Taiwanese and Chinese students and separate classes for non-Chinese or non-Taiwanese students.

Our TCIS families appreciate our dedication to the Chinese program which is built on our founding of providing education for the Taiwanese community of Bangkok and for maintaining Taiwanese culture and heritage. TCIS community survey results indicate an appreciation of the Chineselanguage and cultural programs which offer instruction to all students at linguistically appropriate levels. All students, beginners to native speakers of Chinese are taught by 13 native-speaking Taiwanese teachers. These classes are embedded in a program that enhances fluency by offering cultural, literary and travel opportunities.

In elementary school students focus on stories, songs, games and performance to develop a love for Chinese while also learning to read, speak and comprehend Chinese. Traditional and simplified Chinese are taught together. In middle school, students build on their foundation and learn  to type in Chinese as well as doing projects and presentations in traditional Chinese. In high school, students take Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese, where TCIS students regularly get the best scores in Thailand.

TCIS students learn both traditional and simplified Chinese. There are differences between the two, but regardless of the differences, the effort and process involved in learning either is quite similar.  Simplified Chinese characters are used in China and Singapore while traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and by most overseas Chinese. TCIS teaches Mandarin Chinese. It is the most widely spoken of all Chinese dialects and the world’s largest language.

The results of our Chinese program speak for themselves.  Some highlights of our Chinese program:

  • #1 international school in Bangkok Chinese competition
  • 90% of all students studying Chinese pass the TOCFL test
  • G3-12 non-Taiwanese and non-Chinese students take the HSK or TOCFL annually to measure their Chinese proficiency
  • Students receive more hours of  Chinese instruction than other international schools
  • Chinese cultural lessons and performances   
  • Campus wide celebration of Taiwanese and Chinese holidays
  • Chinese enrichment programs include a Chinese Chess Club and a Chinese Calligraphy Club
  • AP Chinese and Culture test scores are the highest in Thailand
  • Week long high school trips to Taiwan for language and culture immersion as well as a separate technology study program in Taiwan
  • Student exchange program with Affiliated High School of National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (2018-2019)
  • More than 80% of TCIS applicants who apply to Taiwan’s top 5 universities are accepted

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