Career and Technical Education

Welcome to TCIS Career and Technical Education

The Career & Technical Education Department believes its role is to help students become technology literate, well-informed, critical-thinking citizens of the 21st Century. As more business, government and private organizations are integrating computers into all aspects of management and operations, people find it more difficult to compete in today’s global business community without the necessary computer skills. The Career & Technical Education Department offers courses that introduce students to the business, computer and technology skills they need to be successful in our rapidly-changing society.

Students will be able to:

  • Describe the social, political, economic, and legal factors that impact international business, including how cultural differences, export/import opportunities, and current trends in a global marketplace can influence an entrepreneurial venture.

  • Apply communication strategies, both technology-based (such as video, 3-D CAD and coding mediums) and otherwise, that are effective tools for successful business relations.

  • Understand the changing role of technology in our society and how robotics, CAD engineering and coding are a leading part of this evolution.

Additionally, students will have opportunities to gain valuable real-world experiences related to the field. These include international robotics competitions, STEM summer camps, field trips, internships, and more!