Mr.Yosapol Changcharoenkij
(Mr. Chang Wei Pien)

Chairman of the School Board and School Licensee


• Commisioner, Overseas Community Affairs Council (R.O.C.)
• Chairman, 11th TCIS Foundation Board
• President, Power Fast Construction Co.,LTD
• Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Award for the 23rd phase
• Hakka Affairs Council (R.O.C.), Senior Advisor
• Taiwanese Hakka Association of the World (THAW), 11th President
• Hakka Taiwan Association in Thailand, Honorary President
• Thai-Taiwan Business Association, Honorary President
• National Taiwan University Alumni in Thailand, Vice Chairman
• B.S., Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University
• M.S., Department of Construction Management, Asian Institute of Technology

Executive Committee Board

The Executive Committee Board meets at least twice a year and is responsible for various Thailand Ministry of Education (MOE) required topics. These include evaluation of school teachers, budget study and increases, Faculty Handbook revisions, tuition adjustments and increases and general school improvement initiatives. This Board usually meets once a semester with the second meeting being held in early May of each year.

The Board consists of four Foundation Board members, the Thai Director, a Faculty Association representative, the Parent Association President and the Thai Business Manager.


Ms. Shih Hui Chung
Secretary-General / Education Specialist
Mr. Khanit Phraekanjanavichid
Ms. Hsin Hui Lin
Mr. Hsin Chung Hung (Mr. David)
Mr. Sheng I Lu
Mr. Sheng Hsiung Chou
Mr. James Hung
Mr. Kuan Chan Chang
Ms. Pornthip Thaichupinijsak
Ms. Sujidtra Laptheerawut
Mr. Cheng Ming Chang
Vice Chief Auditor
Mr. Somwang Wangsatith
Chief Auditor
Mr. Shyr Tair Fwu (Mr. Simon)
Vice Chairman
Mr. Thanat Thatthongthae (Mr. Frank)
Vice Chairman
Mr. Yosapol Changchareonkij (Mr. Chang Wei Pien)
Mr. Pornchai Uvimonchai
Honorable Founding Chairman