Elementary School

From early childhood, your student can begin growing at TCIS. Our Elementary School program begins at age two and runs through Grade 4. We have qualified, dedicated, credentialed, caring elementary teachers who focus on building capable, global citizens.

The school day begins at 7:30, and runs until 3:10. There are eight learning periods in each day that are 40 minutes long each. There is also a morning recess and a lunch break. The TCIS Elementary School curriculum is based on an American model, but we tailor it in a number of ways to meet the needs of our students. We base our curriculum on Common Core standards.

TCIS Early Childhood Education (ECE)

At TCIS global citizenship starts with learners as young as two years of age and lasts a lifetime. Beginning with pre-Kindergarten two year olds (PK 2) (students 24 months and older) our students experience an adventurous world of learning featuring multiple languages and fluency in technology that connects students to their trilingual world.

To experience this excellence, just peek into lives of the early years’ students.

PK2 learners begin by looking at books, then listening and speaking about them.  These activities are the foundation of literacy, and our home-school partnership shares students’ academic and social development with “ClassDojo.”  ClassDojo engages students and parents by building amazing classroom communities sharing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments.

This program and the frequent communication with the TCIS family of concerned educators, parents and international supporters continually ensure student success and parental involvement.

Join TCIS and enroll your young ones in a program of global excellence whose formative-year highlights include:

1.Learning foundational literacy skills -

  • Alphabet:  Hands on activities, tracing, painting, coloring, letter books, word cards, letter songs, learning station activities, magnet boards and letter crafts.   
  • Books - Daily read-alouds, school library one day a week and books home for the weekend,

2.Numeracy and gain conceptual skills of math -

  • Numbers 1 - 10, daily counting in lesson and learning station, number books, magnet boards, number songs, daily calendar.  
  • Shapes and colors - Learn to identify through games, lessons, puzzles, read-aloud books and hands on activities.

3.Social Development - Learn classroom routines

  • Learn to be independent with:   putting on and off shoes, going to the toilet, washing hands, lining up, and walking up and down stairs.

4.Play - Learn to share and play with friends

  • Imaginary play - dress up, Legos, kitchen, cars, trucks, toy animals, doctor kits, blocks
  • Learn to clean up and put away toys before moving to another activity

5.Specials classes, each one time per week:

  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Library

6.Separate area in canteen in room for eating

7.Two hour nap in the afternoon so students are rested

8.Instruction in English with support from Thai teaching assistants

See for yourself! Schedule a campus tour for the opportunity to observe our PK2 classroom and also sign-up for a free two-week, no risk trial.

What do TCIS Elementary School students study?

Learning language is a high priority at TCIS. Students do their core curriculum work (in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) in English. They also receive instruction in specialty areas (Physical Education, Art, Music and Library/Computers) in English. Students also take language courses in Mandarin Chinese and Thai language courses are required for all students.

TCIS offers Elementary School students who are just beginning to learn English an opportunity to better their skills through our English Language Learner program. Students who need this extra support receive push in support in their homeroom and some small group instruction.

Teachers are trained in the Elementary School to differentiate to meet the needs of all students.  We also have some accelerated programs that we offer.

In the TCIS Elementary School, we strive for excellence in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our Balanced Literacy Program is designed to enhance literacy skills and to improve English. Students enthusiastically demonstrate their school spirit by participating in assemblies and talent shows. Elementary School teachers are very dedicated and conscientious while encouraging TCIS students to reach their full potential. The combination of dedicated teachers and energetic students makes the TCIS Elementary School a dynamic, educational institution.

TCIS Elementary School Standards

Kindergarten Grade One Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four

Elementary School Timetable

At TCIS Elementary School we are prepared for any emergency that might require the closure of school for a period of time.  Information can be found at the link below.

Information in English, Thai, Chinese and link to resources