Middle School

At TCIS, Grades 5-8 form a distinctive Middle School (MS). The MS program offers a high quality curriculum, top notch instruction and effective assessment of student progress. Furthermore, each MS student is cared for as an individual as he or she grows and changes into a young adult. Our MS program helps guide students through the academic challenges and social development that are unique to the adolescent years. We not only encourage high academic achievement, but also concentrate on the emotional and behavioral needs of each student in this time of great physical and cognitive change.

MS teachers work as a team to identify the specific needs of students and employ appropriate methods of support. Positive reinforcement is used to promote student learning and students are recognized regularly for outstanding achievement. By collaborating, teachers are able to identify and control a number of situations that could be problematic for 5th–8th grade students. It is this type of support that makes our MS a special place for students. MS students know their teachers have a special interest in their success and truly care.

Through a variety of activities, TCIS students develop a real love for learning. Our MS has a full day of extra-curricular activities planned into the schedule each month. Teachers have the opportunity to share a different side of themselves through the leadership of these activities. Students have the opportunity to engage in the exploration of a special topic that is outside their ordinary realm of learning and build a special bond with teachers through a shared interest in that topic. Additionally, each grade level in MS takes at least two field trips per year to exciting and educational locations in the Bangkok area.

Academically speaking, students learn the essential skills and acquire a considerable knowledge base in the MS years that readies them not only for the rigors of High School, but for life in the future. Our MS is continuously developing its use of technology in the classroom and aims to prepare students for the demands of an ever-changing world. At TCIS, we want students to “carry the torch” beyond our walls by becoming independent, lifelong learners. We are dedicated to teaching students how to become effective communicators and to giving them the skills that they need to become complex thinkers and problem solvers. It is our desire that our students learn how to work collaboratively with others and to become responsible global participants. 


Middle School Timetable : Grades 5 - 8

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