Alyse Stegman

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan, Completing College Counseling Certificate from the University of California - San Diego

Ms. Ally has worked in education for almost 10 years in the US, UK, and Ecuador. She is a licensed teacher and has taught students from Preschool to Grade 12, but now is exclusively focused on college counseling with high school students. She devotes much of her time to professional development and is a member of many counseling organizations and participates in international counseling events and seminars. She is currently a member of the Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee of the International Association of College Admissions Counseling which is dedicated to supporting underserved students and the educational professionals who guide them by providing inclusive opportunities to become part of the association. She is dedicated to supporting each and every student through their personal journey of deciding their futures and hopes to help them realize their dreams. 

Andrew Brenzel

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Mr. Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay and his Bachelor of Arts in both Spanish and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse. He is licensed to teach all subjects in Elementary and Middle School and in addition, he has licenses in High School Social Studies, Spanish, English as a Second Language, and Bilingual-Bicultural Education. Prior to coming to TCIS, Mr. Andrew was a Bilingual Elementary teacher in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In this role, he worked with native Spanish speakers, teaching in both English and Spanish. From this experience, he brings a depth of knowledge in the instruction of English learners. As an educator, he works hard to build relationships and to help all students gain proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. He is currently in his fifth year at TCIS and teaching MS/HS Social Studies.

Andrew Nelson Moeller

Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.) in Mathematics Education, Bachelor of Arts in Pure and Applied Mathematics; Boston University

Teacher Andy teaches Algebra I, Foundations of Math, Computer Coding, and AP Calculus AB. Andy is an American teacher from the state of Pennsylvania, where they were born and raised in the small town of Bethlehem.

After graduating from Boston 

University, Andy moved to Tokyo, Japan to teach English at a Japanese school for a short time, followed by teaching mathematics at an international school in the area.

Andy loves to make their math classes interesting and exciting for all students, regardless of their mathematical backgrounds. Andy believes in culturally responsive teaching, where it is the teacher’s job to help make the subject appealing and interesting to students. Andy employs a variety of real-world applications for mathematics concepts through the use of investigations, presentations, and project-based learning.

Anne Elizabeth Scott Vela

Undergraduate majors from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland included science, philosophy, and literature Currently in the process of completing a master’s thesis on language acquisition in multilingual settings from University of Pais Vasco/Basque Country in Spain

Teacher Anne began teaching primary years science and social studies in their hometown of Tampa, Florida, USA, followed by teaching English language and subject content as well as designing teaching materials in Shanghai, China. Undergraduate majors from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland included science, philosophy, and literature. Teacher Anne is currently in the process of completing a master’s thesis on language acquisition in multilingual settings from University of Pais Vasco/Basque Country in Spain, using research collaborated on while an intern at the Basque Center for Cognition, Brain, and Language. Their teaching philosophy and experience is that the strongest learning is achieved through meaningful activities in a mindful and collaborative classroom. Teacher Anne thinks young learners are already natural scientists and explorers, and is dedicated to guiding students to find joy in the process of discovery and communication. A lifelong learner, their teaching motto is “I don’t know! Let’s find out together!”

Brianna Edghill

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, 2015 from The University of Tulsa Graduate: Master of Business, 2016

Ms. Brianna comes from the United States. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2015, and her Master of Business Administration degree in 2016 from The University of Tulsa. After some time in the educational nonprofit sector, she then went on to pursue a career in education abroad. She has taught in China, Vietnam, and now in Thailand. Brianna has 3 years' experience teaching students from 2 years old up to Grade 6.

Chalita (Fai) Srikasikit

Bachelor of Education (2nd Class Honors)

Ms. Chalita Srikasikit (Kru Fai) has a Bachelor's Degree of Education from Chulalongkorn University. Kru Fai's interest is in working in the field of education, especially working with primary and kindergarten children. She has gained plenty of experience through both teaching in a school system and tutoring students. Before working at TCIS, she worked as a Thai language and Thai Cultural teacher at Pan-Asia International School, teaching Grade 1-8 students for 2 years. It has been a long-time interest of Kru Fai to educate the young, and working at TCIS she gets to fulfill her passion and work in an environment where she genuinely enjoys her work.

Chanitnun (Buab) Sukkasem

BA in Thai language and Literature

Ms. Chanitnun Sukkasem (Kru Buab) has a Bachelor’s Degree of Thai language and Literature from Thammasat University. She started her teaching career at TCIS. She has worked at TCIS as a Thai language and culture teacher for almost 20 years. Kru Buab has received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Private Educational Association of Samutprakarn in 2014 and 2018. Kru Buab is responsible for the D.A.R.E. project (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) which has been designed to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to resist drugs, alcohol, and other high risk behaviors.

Christopher Mark Leonhard

B.A. in Psychology from Shippensburg University; M.A. in Teaching Biology from Belmont University

Mr. Chris is originally from central Pennsylvania, USA. He is licensed through the state of Tennessee and is certified in Biology, Environmental Science, Geography, and Psychology. Mr. Chris spent four years working as a counselor and fifteen years working on a variety of research projects at Penn State University and Dartmouth College before entering the teaching profession.

Mr. Chris began his teaching career working with the Nashville Teaching Fellows to fill teaching needs in low-income urban schools in the Nashville area. His first international school position was at a boarding school in the mountains of Switzerland. He followed this position by working at schools in Beijing, China and Munich, Germany. Mr. Chris has worked as Science Department Head and MYP Service Coordinator and has founded Citizen Science programs, leading to talks at the European Citizen Science Association. He comes to TCIS with two daughters, who are in grades 1 and 7, respectively. Mr. Chris considers himself a lifelong learner and regularly attends workshops in sustainability, permaculture, and integrating service into the classroom.

David Kermit Law Jr.

Degree in Sociology, Morehouse College Teaching Certification, The University of West Florida

David Law is from Atlanta, GA. He graduated with a degree in Sociology from Morehouse College and earned my teaching certification from The University of West Florida. David has spent the last ten years teaching in Shanghai, China, and is excited to join TCIS. He is committed to making sure his students are well rounded individuals, who are global citizens, capable of critical thinking. In David’s free time, he loves puzzling, bike riding, and scuba diving. David is looking forward to a great year!

David Potvin

B.Sc. Chemistry (2008), B.A. Teaching (2012)

While he is new to TCIS, Mr. David has been teaching for several years, and he is passionate about languages. He was born in Quebec City, Canada, where he learned both French and English at a young age. After first pursuing a career in science, he realized his calling was teaching. In order to get some international experience, he left Canada to spend a few years teaching in a private school in Taiwan, all while picking up some Chinese along the way. He moved to Thailand and has been enjoying the change in lifestyle.

Mr. David loves to encourage his students to learn by appealing to their interests and by integrating technological support to both teach and entertain. He enjoys trying new things that he learns through professional development workshops. In his spare time, Mr. David enjoys learning languages and has been trying to understand Thai culture better.