Academics FAQs

The ratio of student:teacher is approximately 20:1

Our native English speaking teachers come predominantly from the U.S. and Canada. Our native speaking Thai and Chinese teachers are from Thailand and Taiwan respectively.
Yes. Our teachers are credentialed through their home countries.
For those classes where instruction is in English, our staff are native English speakers.
Our teachers have a variety of years of experiences from teaching in other international locations as well as teaching experience in their home countries. We have six doctorates on staff and another 36 who have one or more master’s degrees.
We accept students who are 24 months old at time of enrollment
Yes, PK and KG students have nap time in the afternoon.
Yes. Students will begin building the foundations of literacy and numeracy while also learning social development and classroom routines, playing and sharing with friends and special classes each week around art, music, physical education and visiting the library
We offer an American curriculum supported with Advanced Placement (AP) classes at the high school level.
Curriculum at TCIS is student centered, dynamic and informed by educational best practices. Our goal at TCIS is to prepare students to excel at the university level and beyond. At TCIS, American curriculum means that we challenge our students to collaborate, communicate, be creative and to think critically in all grade levels and content areas. The American Common Core State Standards provide the framework for teachers to develop and implement learning experiences that allow students to master these 21st century skills which is integral to their success when they face a future job market filled with opportunities that do not exist today.
AP is an abbreviation for Advanced Placement. AP courses give students access to rigorous college-level work. AP students build confidence and learn the essential time management and study skills needed for college and career success. Students have the opportunity to dig deeper into subjects that interest them, develop advanced research and communication skills, and learn to tap their creative, problem-solving, and analytical potential. AP classes are college level classes and colleges and universities offer credit or placement based on AP exam scores
AP is recognized in more countries than IB. Also, students are not required to have a MYP program to take AP classes. AP is also recognized by many colleges and universities as a college credit.
Each teacher integrates ISTE standards into multiple lessons each quarter to effectively use technology in the classroom. Technology teachers assist and teach students effective methods for using technology in the classroom.
Yes. We offer an on-site tutoring program run through TCIS’ After School Enrichment Program (ASEP). We also have student tutors available for a variety of classes in Grades 1-12.
We teach both simultaneously. Yes, we teach Mandarin.
Yes. We have dedicated EAL staff who both push-in to classrooms to support EAL students as well as provide training for staff so that they can support EAL students.
Yes. Please refer to the admissions page for more information on costs.
Our students have been accepted to the most prestigious universities in North America, Europe and Asia.