High School Counseling

High School Counseling

High School is an important time in a student's life.  As students continue to develop physically, socially, and emotionally, our team is committed to providing all necessary support.  During high school, students will begin to focus more on their goals and aspirations for life beyond high school.  We will work with students each year to ensure they are on track for graduation, and that they are taking the strongest possible schedule to meet their needs and goals.

We offer a New Student Orientation for Grade 9 students that aims to ease their transition into high school.  Topics covered include, strategies for academic success, meeting graduation requirementscommunity service and other ways to get involved (clubs, sports teams, peer tutoring, etc.), college planning, time management and organization, maintaining healthy social relationships, and more.  In addition, we are proud to have a "Taste of High School" event where students can learn about what courses will be offered the following school year directly from their teachers.  Students will convene in the 5th Fl Gym where tables will be set up for each teacher to explain their courses and hand out any relevant information.  Parents are welcome to attend as well!

High School students are also encouraged to participate in summer programs that can serve to increase knowledge in certain academic areas, help their local or global community, learn a new skills, and more.  As a bonus, doing so can help bolster a student's university application as well.

The Student Services Department has an open door policy, and High School students and parents are welcome to come meet with a counselor any time to discuss any and all concerns, academics or otherwise.

​You may contact any Student Services staff member directly via email, or contact our counseling secretary, Ms. Pure to set up an appointment.