Middle School Second Step Program

Middle School Second Step Program

The Middle School Second Step program is a "universal, classroom-based prevention program designed to decrease aggression, bullying, substance abuse, and increase students' social skills and school success" secondstep.org Each week, one hour lessons are conducted with either Grade 5, 6, 7 or 8 students, Monday-Thursday.

Because Middle School can be challenging for students for a variety of reasons, it is important students learn the necessary skills for success in school and out.  While learning math, English, or science skills are definitely important, so too are learning the social skills that are typically not taught during those classes.

During the Second Step program students will listen to presentations on many different topics, work with partners, work in groups, as well as practice using the skills they're learning.

Some topics which will be covered include:

  • Empathy and Communication

    • Working in Groups​

    • Listening with Attention

    • Learning to Become Leaders and Allies

    • Considering Other's Perspectives

    • Disagreeing Respectfully

    • Being Assertive

    • Predicting Feelings

    • Responding with Compassion

    • Giving and Getting Support

    • How to Handle a Grievance

    • Negotiating and Compromising

  • Bullying Prevention​

    • Recognizing and Responding to Bullying

    • Cyber Bullying

    • What It Means to Be a Bystander

    • Bullying in Friendships​

    • Labels, Stereotypes, and Prejudice

  • Emotion Management​

    • Understanding Anger

    • Calming Down Strategies

    • De-escalating a Tense​ Situation

    • Staying in Control
    • Coping with Stress

    • Managing Anxiety

    • Managing Frustration

    • Handling Put Downs

    • Avoiding Assumptions

    • Dealing with Peer Pressure

  • Problem Solving​

    • Using Action Steps​

    • Making a Plan

    • Seeking Help

    • Dealing with Gossip

  • Goal Setting​

    • Making and Evaluating a Plan​​